Frivole FW ’14 '15

Frivole FW ’14 '15

María Teresa Aristeguieta, Venezuelan designer and winner of the InStyle award for best design in the city of New York, presents her newest collection FRIVOLE on October 15th.

Icon of sophistication, the designer crafts her pieces using a variety of colors full of humor, which sometimes are pastel-like but never exclude the blacks and whites. The impeccable quality of the product isn't set apart either.

The experimentation with different fabrics takes the bags to a third dimension, it enhances the leathers to the point of making them jewel-like when associated with silver details.

Versatility is demonstrated by the manipulation of vinyls and the process of converting them in dream objects rather than utilitarian pieces.

FRIVOLE is a free and fun collection that reminds us of girl power. The names of the handbags take their inspiration from the sensual malevolence that defines powerful women: Passionnée, Sensuelle, Mabelle, Excentrique, Affolée, Magnifique, Citronnelle, Cynique, Capricieux, Mabeauté, Acidulée, Magnifique, Malicieuse, Amoral, Bois des Roses.

In terms of the development of the design, FRIVOLE maintains the tradition of the wooden handbag as an icon of the brand, this time with two pieces: one of them carved with silver roses and pearls, and another one covered by a silver net. Both of them - limited edition - will of course be remembered as part of the evolution of the MTAbags signature pieces made of wood.

Aristeguieta states: "I designed a collection more visual than intellectual and more about the heart than about the mind; always remembering that fashion is an art feast'.

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